Soy What?

There seems to be a bit of confusion around soy and soy products.  I believe the major reason is perhaps a lack of specificity.  I’ll share with you what experts are saying and where the cross talk is occurring.

Let’s start with Dr. Starch aka Dr. McDougal a pioneer in the plant based movement. He is concerned about soy consumption but offers a most delicious soy burger recipe.  Basically he says, limit to 5-10% of calorie consumption.

The problem is we don’t know what period of time 5% for life, a meal or a day?  The other problem is he uses soy in the most general sense.  However is was 2005 and we know more now.  I think if we replaced his use of the term soy with soy protein isolate, which he mentions in the newsletter, the recommendation would be more clear.

Now let’s blast forward to 2012,  it looks like 3-5 servings a day of soybeans, tofu or tempeh  is just fine.  So go ahead and try Dr.M’s burger recipe found here:


Another Miracle Cure

I was on airplane flight the other day and the flight attendant said, “Did anyone lose this $100 bill?”  Now that I have your attention, we have a few safety messages.

I was having a discussion with a friend about some health claim.  I don’t remember the exact health claim.  However,  armed with a Master’s Degree, I have been so confused by nutritional claims my whole life.  Often times ideas like coconut oil being good for you seems abundantly clear.   (even a doctor said so)  This guy is a real jerk.  You can buy it here from his website:   You can even purchase a 5 gallon bucket???  If you have any ideas how you might use 5 gallons, please post a comment.

One could walk away from these claims thinking it is good for you.  When the reality (from memory) is one studied that compared it to butter or lard.  So what’s a little better than terrible?  A little less terrible?  However, the real science is telling us a much different story.


Thank you Dr. Greger.  My resolve is to look under the covers of all sorts of health claims and see what research on humans tell us documented by someone without a direct financial benefit.  Generally speaking, I am having a hard time arguing that vegetables, fruits, grains and beans are bad for you.


A little more about Dr Axe just in case you were the curious type.

Salad Dressings

I have a few salad dressings worth mentioning.

Bragg’s Berry Dressing is pretty good.

I don’t like the pomegranate.  It’s nothing like the bragg berry.

Then I wanted to make something myself and I found it.  I didn’t imagine that this recipe would turn out as well as it did.

“(The delicious turmeric dressing is adapted from one of Dr. Greger’s favorite recipes, which is by Dr. Michael Klaper of the TrueNorth Health Center).”



Cauliflower Three Ways

We tested 3 bbq cauliflower recipes and posted the results for you below.

The first recipe is from the video posted below:

Review:  I followed this recipe substituting brown rice flower for the all purpose flour. My first problem was that some of the cauliflower clusters with the batter sort of stuck to my slipat baking mat.  Second, it seems to be in the oven for a long time – 50 mins. Third, it ended up being a method to consume about a cup of frank’s hot sauce in one sitting.  I am not certain I wanted that much salt.  It was tasty, I might cook it again. However, I am willing to try a different way.  Tip:  if you are lazy, you could just slice the cauliflower into steaks which makes everything easier and probably uses less batter.

Behind door #2 is the next recipe.  The good folks over at forksoverknives offer this alternative approach which is next on our list.  Did you ever wish you could just purchase the food seen in the photo?


Out of the three methods, this one came out the best.  It could still use a few tweaks. However, it was easy to batter, you get crunch and it cooks quick.

And Behind door #3 – finally a reason to fire up my smoker since I stopped eating meat.


I thought this was going to be the winner.  However, my 5 minute par boil and 50 minutes in the smoker didn’t seem to cook it enough.  I used hickory chips and for me the flavor just wasn’t that special.  More time and research is required to start to use the smoker for veggies.

Is It Time To Let Dairy Fail?

I came across an interesting article from the UK discussing milk politics and confusion.  I wonder if the US has a similar issue.  Here is the beginning of the article with links to the source of the crisis and what some people in the UK are planning to do about it.


A recent article by a dairy chief executive describes an industry in crisis, stating that demand for milk products are falling. It blames health professionals for warning the younger generations away from dairy, and speaks of a new ‘three-a-day’ dairy campaign to be launched soon. This initiative will promote daily portions of milk, butter and cheese.

But hang on a minute: why are we being told yet again to ignore the experts? At the risk of stating the obvious, surely when it comes to issues relating to health, health professionals are the ones with the answers. NHS guidelines state to use butter sparingly, and warn against the high fat and salt content in cheese, so the idea of promoting these products under the guise of a health initiative seems a tad bizarre.”

Read the rest of the article here……

Tools for the Trade

We learn in life that it is important to have the right tool for the job.  When focusing on plant based whole foods, there are a three tools that I would recommend you consider owning.

Tool #1 – Vitamix

I have already killed one standard blender.  This blender is powerful and useful for making hummus, flour from chickpeas, vegan cheese or any other meal requiring a blender.  You can save a few dollars by getting a refurbished model.

Tool #2 – The Griddler

This is a 5 in 1 product.  It is kind of like an electric frying pan with the added feature of a panini press.  It’s easier to flip things as it doesn’t have an edge.  The panini feature adds crunch to the outside of a burrito.  It lists for $99.  The dials come in red and black.  I found one for $60 on amazon selecting the red dials.

Tool #3 – Instanpot

It’s basically a fool proof pressure cooker. There are so many instanpot recipes on the internet.  It has a following like the big green egg.  I am buying mine for only one reason.  Beans.  You can make a serving of beans starting from a dry bean in 30 mins.  Making your own beans taste better, cost less, you don’t have to rinse them and there is no risk of BPAs.

So what if I eat just a little bit of meat?

My son asked me, “hey dad what if I eat meat a few times a week?”  The general consensus is that everyone should try to eat more plants, beans, grains and nuts.  The slightest amount of modest change can go a long way.

Here is a neat comparison of those who choose beef versus poultry versus dairy or none.



Purple is the best color in the plant world

I started looking into purple sweet potatoes.  I thought I would share with you a bit of my research from this weekend and holiday break.  Ever heard of purple sweet potatoes?  They cost about $2.49 a pound at whole foods

I have formed an opinion that all things purple in the vegetable world are extra special.  Listed below are a few links on the topic which influenced me.

Another purple item  (bonus content) first one is cabbage!


If you wanted to plant your own in a bucket or bag this summer, you can buy what they call “slips” or seedlings to start your crop.

You can also make them at home and this is a good time of year to plan for the spring.


Water or soil approach to make your own slips



Recipe idea:

This morning I boiled 2# of purple sweet potatoes diced into 2″ cubes for about 12 minutes (left the skins on as the hold 10x the antioxidants).  Mashed them up with a cup of sauteed onions, added tsp of pepper, 1/2 tsp of sea salt and 1/4 cup of garbanzo bean flour as a binder and mixed.  Got my griddle hot to 425 degrees and flattened 1/2 cup portions to make 10 potato cakes.  Cooked them about 8 minutes a side until crunchy on the outside.