Worth Repeating – Salad Dressing and Gravy

Need help eating more potatoes and raw vegetables ?

My original philosophy of the site was to share things with people that I thought was worth repeating.  Then I would add my own analysis or take on the issue.  For the last two weeks, I’ve been debating with myself to share two great food tips that after a year are worth repeating.  Part of me lost, part of me won!

Salad Dressing 

Ok I am out on a ledge about to suggest a vegan salad dressing….  well here I go.  It’s the oddest combination of ingredients that makes a “bomb” salad dressing.

You can find it here as part of the recipe instructions:



Gravy, really?  Well another one that shocked me..  If you put a little love into this one, add more spices.  Get all them thanksgiving spices you have in your pantry because you don’t cook turkey anymore and use them.  The following is not a paid sponsor of this website and one of my favorite combo spice:


The recipe for the gravy is found here:


Let your inner gravy maker run wild.  You could add more garlic.  You could puree some carrot to make it sweeter.  Maybe you got some shallots or left over leeks in the fridge.  Now do the right thing and make a big batch and then store the extra in a freezer type ziplock with a cup full in each.


Green Tea

There is an endless amount of information highlighting the benefits of green tea.  I thought I might summarize a bit of that information to influence you to drink it.  You can simply add the tea bags and place a container in the refrigerator over night.  Or if you are like me and a bit impatient, boil water at half volume, seep tea and then add cold water.

Improve Artery Function

Prevent Cancer


Treat Cancer

Another Miracle Cure

I was on airplane flight the other day and the flight attendant said, “Did anyone lose this $100 bill?”  Now that I have your attention, we have a few safety messages.

I was having a discussion with a friend about some health claim.  I don’t remember the exact health claim.  However,  armed with a Master’s Degree, I have been so confused by nutritional claims my whole life.  Often times ideas like coconut oil being good for you seems abundantly clear.



https://draxe.com/coconut-oil-uses/   (even a doctor said so)  This guy is a real jerk.  You can buy it here from his website:

https://healthytraditions.com/tropicaltraditions/coconut-oil/gold-label-virgin-coconut-oil.html   You can even purchase a 5 gallon bucket???  If you have any ideas how you might use 5 gallons, please post a comment.

One could walk away from these claims thinking it is good for you.  When the reality (from memory) is one studied that compared it to butter or lard.  So what’s a little better than terrible?  A little less terrible?  However, the real science is telling us a much different story.


Thank you Dr. Greger.  My resolve is to look under the covers of all sorts of health claims and see what research on humans tell us documented by someone without a direct financial benefit.  Generally speaking, I am having a hard time arguing that vegetables, fruits, grains and beans are bad for you.


A little more about Dr Axe just in case you were the curious type.




So what if I eat just a little bit of meat?

My son asked me, “hey dad what if I eat meat a few times a week?”  The general consensus is that everyone should try to eat more plants, beans, grains and nuts.  The slightest amount of modest change can go a long way.

Here is a neat comparison of those who choose beef versus poultry versus dairy or none.



I am hungry. How can I find a healthy plant based place to eat quickly?

At most Wendy’s you can get 2 orders of salad (toss the cheese) and 2 baked potatoes for about $10.


However, for something more interesting, this website and mobile app can help you find a place nearby.


Another list of places I didn’t know about


Magic Foods

It seems that not all foods are created equal.  This will be a page that captures interesting foods that I uncover that have magic properties.  Right now this section is dominated by Dr. Greger.  If you don’t know who he is, soon you will.

Broccoli Sprouts – The magic ingredient is sulforaphane.  Say that 4 times fast.


Turmeric (plus a little black pepper)

Goji Berries (called Amla powder) is cheap.

Wakame Seaweed