Tools for the Trade

We learn in life that it is important to have the right tool for the job.  When focusing on plant based whole foods, there are a three tools that I would recommend you consider owning.

Tool #1 – Vitamix

I have already killed one standard blender.  This blender is powerful and useful for making hummus, flour from chickpeas, vegan cheese or any other meal requiring a blender.  You can save a few dollars by getting a refurbished model.

Tool #2 – The Griddler

This is a 5 in 1 product.  It is kind of like an electric frying pan with the added feature of a panini press.  It’s easier to flip things as it doesn’t have an edge.  The panini feature adds crunch to the outside of a burrito.  It lists for $99.  The dials come in red and black.  I found one for $60 on amazon selecting the red dials.

Tool #3 – Instanpot

It’s basically a fool proof pressure cooker. There are so many instanpot recipes on the internet.  It has a following like the big green egg.  I am buying mine for only one reason.  Beans.  You can make a serving of beans starting from a dry bean in 30 mins.  Making your own beans taste better, cost less, you don’t have to rinse them and there is no risk of BPAs.