Soy What?

There seems to be a bit of confusion around the consumption of soy and soy products.  I believe the major reason is perhaps a lack of specificity or precision in terminology.  I’ll share with you what experts are saying and where the cross talk is occurring.

Let’s start with Dr. Starch aka Dr. McDougal a pioneer in the plant based movement. He is concerned about soy consumption but at the same time offers one of the most delicious soy burger recipes.  Basically he says, limit soy to 5-10% of calorie consumption.

The problem is we don’t know what period of time to apply the 5% – lifetime? meal? daily?  The other problem is he uses soy in the most general sense.  However, it was 2005 and we now know more.  I think if we replaced his use of the term soy with “soy protein isolate”, which he mentions in the newsletter, the recommendation would be more clear.  Avoid soy protein isolate.

Now let’s blast forward to 2012,  it looks like 3-5 servings a day of soybeans, tofu or tempeh  is just fine.  So go ahead and try Dr.M’s burger recipe found here:


Another Miracle Cure

I was on airplane flight the other day and the flight attendant said, “Did anyone lose this $100 bill?”  Now that I have your attention, we have a few safety messages.

I was having a discussion with a friend about some health claim.  I don’t remember the exact health claim.  However,  armed with a Master’s Degree, I have been so confused by nutritional claims my whole life.  Often times ideas like coconut oil being good for you seems abundantly clear.   (even a doctor said so)  This guy is a real jerk.  You can buy it here from his website:   You can even purchase a 5 gallon bucket???  If you have any ideas how you might use 5 gallons, please post a comment.

One could walk away from these claims thinking it is good for you.  When the reality (from memory) is one studied that compared it to butter or lard.  So what’s a little better than terrible?  A little less terrible?  However, the real science is telling us a much different story.


Thank you Dr. Greger.  My resolve is to look under the covers of all sorts of health claims and see what research on humans tell us documented by someone without a direct financial benefit.  Generally speaking, I am having a hard time arguing that vegetables, fruits, grains and beans are bad for you.


A little more about Dr Axe just in case you were the curious type.

Salad Dressings

I have a few salad dressings worth mentioning.

Bragg’s Berry Dressing is pretty good.

I don’t like the pomegranate.  It’s nothing like the bragg berry.

Then I wanted to make something myself and I found it.  I didn’t imagine that this recipe would turn out as well as it did.

“(The delicious turmeric dressing is adapted from one of Dr. Greger’s favorite recipes, which is by Dr. Michael Klaper of the TrueNorth Health Center).”