Worth Repeating – Salad Dressing and Gravy

Need help eating more potatoes and raw vegetables ?

My original philosophy of the site was to share things with people that I thought was worth repeating.  Then I would add my own analysis or take on the issue.  For the last two weeks, I’ve been debating with myself to share two great food tips that after a year are worth repeating.  Part of me lost, part of me won!

Salad Dressing 

Ok I am out on a ledge about to suggest a vegan salad dressing….  well here I go.  It’s the oddest combination of ingredients that makes a “bomb” salad dressing.

You can find it here as part of the recipe instructions:



Gravy, really?  Well another one that shocked me..  If you put a little love into this one, add more spices.  Get all them thanksgiving spices you have in your pantry because you don’t cook turkey anymore and use them.  The following is not a paid sponsor of this website and one of my favorite combo spice:


The recipe for the gravy is found here:


Let your inner gravy maker run wild.  You could add more garlic.  You could puree some carrot to make it sweeter.  Maybe you got some shallots or left over leeks in the fridge.  Now do the right thing and make a big batch and then store the extra in a freezer type ziplock with a cup full in each.