Why this site?

In my daily work life, I am indirectly trying to help patients receive better care through healthcare innovation.  These innovations apply to people who are already sick and have a range of comorbid conditions.  As I learn more about plant based diets, whole foods and plants seem to be the ultimate innovation.  If we can get more people to eat this way sooner, we could probably solve the healthcare crisis in America.  I don’t know what role I will play in the future to improve adoption but I am trying to figure that out.

In the mean time, there is a great deal of information available on the internet about a whole food plant based diet.  About 1 out of 20 articles I come across, I find either well stated or useful to the reader.  So this is a way for me to organize a set of bookmarks and publicly share with you the resources I find to be most beneficial.  Please enjoy.