Hummus Hommus Healthy?

People trying to eat more plants find hummus an easy way to get in your three servings of beans a day.  However, store bought hummus isn’t really that good for you.

The link below shows us a typical food label from a hummus maker.  177 calories out of 140 is from fat or about 60%+.  It’s mostly from all the olive oil they add.  But olive oil is the problem.

However, if you follow a recipe like this one, you can have a fresh, healthy version for pennies.  Tip:  making it in a blender will require more liquid than a Cuisinart.  A Vitamix blender is a great tool for the job.

Tip:  If you eat out at a Mediterranean Restaurant, ask for the hummus without the extra olive oil they dress on top.  The dish will still be high in fat, but not as bad as adding another TBSP of oil.